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Weekly Update: March 22nd 2024

From the heart of the House to our vibrant communities, this week has been a testament to action, progress, and unity. 📜✨

We’ve tackled Opposition Day Motions, advocated for Peace in the Middle East, and announced programs to protect the environment alongside the minister Stephen Guilbeault.

👶 A milestone moment as the Child Care Bill received Royal Assent with Minister Jenna Sudds, promising brighter futures for our children.

Your voices were heard in crucial votes on the Financial Estimates and Supplementary Budget, reflecting our shared commitment to sustainable growth.

🌱 In Committee, from AGRI’s efforts to stabilize high food prices to ENVI’s dedication to our waters through the Clean Water Study and Lake Simcoe Cleanwater Action Fund, we’re shaping a healthier planet. And yes, we’re standing up for our equine friends, advocating for a ban on the export of live horses for slaughter.

🤖 On the Hill, we’re navigating the future with AI legislation, fostering global cooperation for health, and demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies, uniting parties (with one notable exception) for our climate.

🎓 Special shoutout to Celine, a bright spark from McGill’s Women in House program, who joined me for a whirlwind day of insights and inspiration.

As I head back to our community, I’m looking forward to connecting and hearing more about your hopes and concerns.

And with a pause for celebration at the Spanish Embassy and a special milestone of 30 years with my husband Peter, I’m reminded of the joy and strength we find in coming together.

To those celebrating Easter and Purim, I wish you joy, reflection, and togetherness. Chag Purim Sameach! See you after the break for more updates. 💐🕊️

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