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Driving Canada Towards 2030

Join MP Leah Taylor Roy as she discusses Canada's commitment to its 2030 GHG emission targets on CTV's Power Play. Despite the lack of provincial plans since 2016, the Federal backstop program ensures all regions contribute to emission reduction. Leah emphasizes the importance of comprehensive national efforts across all sectors and the effectiveness of the carbon pricing strategy supported by over 300 economists. With a significant 8% reduction in emissions since 2019, the results affirm that the policy works, and the Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) continues to support Canadians financially.

Tune in to hear how we are ensuring a sustainable future for all Canadians and holding true to our environmental commitments.

Key insights

  • 🌍 The Canadian Climate Institute found that 30% of the reductions were attributed to the consumer side, while only 8 to 9% were attributed to the industrial side, raising questions about the effectiveness of the current approach.

  • 🌍 Canada should be exporting more to help reduce global emissions, despite the current government's stance on the issue.

  • 🌍 The goal should be to lower emissions on a global basis, not just in Canada, despite the pain of the carbon tax on Canadians.

  • 💡 The government's decision to buy a pipeline for $35 billion instead of investing in a full suite of climate solutions is controversial and questioned by MP Leah Taylor Roy.

  • 🌍 MP Leah Taylor Roy emphasizes the need for credible plans from provinces to meet emission targets, showing willingness to hear alternatives.

  • 🔥 The focus on technology to reduce emissions is important, but the government's refusal to approve innovative projects like the tidal energy project is hindering progress.

  • 🔥 Canadians are facing a climate emergency with wildfires, extreme flooding, and smoke choking, and we need support for Canadians.

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