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Earth Day

Mr. Speaker, it has been one week since Earth Day and in my riding of

Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill, the momentum continues.

We have had several clean-ups and tree planting events led by community

members like Oak Ridges Lions Club, the Aurora Arboretum, LEAF, the City of

Richmond Hill, the town of Aurora and the entire York Region community. Last

week, we welcomed to Richmond Hill the United Nations University Institute

for Water, Environment and Health. This is a real testament to the

dedication of Richmond Hill to our environment.

We are thrilled about the new partnership and leadership on a sustainable

transition and innovation, not only in our region but worldwide, under Dr.

Kaveh Madani. It is a testament, as I said, to the strong connection and

dedication that our riding has to the environment, which makes Earth Day

even more special in our riding.

A happy Earth Day to everyone, and I thank all the wonderful organizations

and communities standing up for environmental protection.

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