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Weekly Update: February 9, 2024

Closing out a week of dedicated service with a landmark announcement and community engagement:

🌾 Discussed the critical issue of rising food prices in the agricultural community, seeking sustainable solutions.

🌊 Advanced the protection of Lake Simcoe with the Freshwater Action Plan, urging stakeholders to apply before the March 22, 2024 deadline.

🚗 Addressed auto theft concerns, supporting new investments in the CBSA to keep our streets safer.

🗳️ Championed democratic progress with my intervention on M-86, advocating for a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

🏒 Joined forces with the girls’ hockey team for a food drive, showcasing the power of teamwork in our community.

🎉 Celebrated Black History Month, honouring our diverse heritage both at the gala with Minister @kamalkheralib and on the Hill.

The week’s highlight: A transformative $3.1 billion federal investment in Ontario’s healthcare. This move is set to drastically improve care access, reduce wait times, and strengthen mental health support.

Reflecting on a week of progress, it’s clear - our actions today shape a healthier, more inclusive tomorrow.

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