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Weekly Update: February 9, 2024

Closing out a week of dedicated service with a landmark announcement and community engagement:

🌾 Discussed the critical issue of rising food prices in the agricultural community, seeking sustainable solutions.

🌊 Advanced the protection of Lake Simcoe with the Freshwater Action Plan, urging stakeholders to apply before the March 22, 2024 deadline.

🚗 Addressed auto theft concerns, supporting new investments in the CBSA to keep our streets safer.

🗳️ Championed democratic progress with my intervention on M-86, advocating for a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

🏒 Joined forces with the girls’ hockey team for a food drive, showcasing the power of teamwork in our community.

🎉 Celebrated Black History Month, honouring our diverse heritage both at the gala with Minister @kamalkheralib and on the Hill.

The week’s highlight: A transformative $3.1 billion federal investment in Ontario’s healthcare. This move is set to drastically improve care access, reduce wait times, and strengthen mental health support.

Reflecting on a week of progress, it’s clear - our actions today shape a healthier, more inclusive tomorrow.

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1 Comment

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
Feb 12

Hi Leah,

At some point you guys will have to stop blaming the Harper government for current problems. You've had 8.5 years to address them and at this point, if they still exist, they're the work of YOUR government. If they let go 1000 border agents and you didn't hire them back, it signals that you didn't think it was important. Own up, move on and fix it.

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