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Weekly Update: February 23rd, 2024

Bi-Weekly Beacon: Celebrating Community, Culture, and Progress

🧧Lunar New Year celebrations and the Liberal Caucus’s Lunar New Year Reception in Ottawa

🌿Environmental and Agricultural Committees: Advanced discussions on sustainability and agriculture, highlighting Canada Agriculture Day.

🍇 Meeting with Fruit and Veg Growers of Canada: strengthened ties with the agricultural community, focusing on the future of farming.

❤️ Sexual and Reproductive Health Week: Co-hosted an event with MP Leah Gazan to advocate for vital health rights and awareness.

👩‍👧 Women and Families Discussion: Engaged in meaningful dialogue with Minister Tassi focusing on the topic of women and families.

🏛️ Mayor’s State of the Town Address: Gained insights into local governance and community plans for the future.

🎨 Aurora Cultural Center Visit: Celebrated young artistic talent alongside Grade 12 artists, fostering creativity and culture.

☕ Mon Sheong Coffee with Seniors: Shared moments and conversations with our cherished senior community in celebrating Lunar New Year. 🐉

📈Richmond Hill Power Hour and Black History Gala: Connected with the Board of Trade and celebrated Black History Month with ABC, cembracing diversity and community strength.

This bi-weekly roundup reflects our ongoing commitment to serve, connect, and celebrate our vibrant community. Together, we’re building a brighter future for all.

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