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The planet is burning.

The Honourable Member from Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill.

Mr. Speaker, the planet is burning, and 72 percent of Canadians are worried about climate change. Sadly, the Leader of the Opposition does not appear to be one of them. He stated that he will do nothing to reduce our emissions, nor work with the global community within the Paris Accord to protect our future.

In fact, just like Donald Trump, the Leader of the Opposition will take Canada out of the Paris Accord. The Federal Government is committed to net zero and has invested over 120 billion in a greener future. Will the government stand for future generations, unlike the reckless Conservatives with their

Fortunately, the Speaker was able to hear the question, right Honourable Prime Minister.

Speaker, I want to thank the MP for Aurora Oak Ridge's Richmond Hill for her great questions on this important file. It is shameful that the Conservative leader has no plan to address a crisis facing all of humanity. His emphasis on technology to fight climate change means nothing because he is, , somebody who has been opposing the development of offshore wind technology in Atlantic Canada.

While our government has a serious plan that addresses affordability and the climate crisis, that leader has no plan and no vision. Perhaps he should put his glasses back on.

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
08 de nov. de 2023

Interesting that you stand up and ask the Prime minister a question and, miraculously, he just happens to have an answer prepared and typed out for him to read. Almost like he knew the question was coming. If global warming is such a serious concern, why has your government exempted heating oil (one of the dirtiest fuels) from the Carbon Tax? If heating oil can be exempted in order to win votes in Atlantic Canada, why can't cleaner, natural gas be exempted in order to win votes in your riding? Are you working for us, or just for the Liberal Party?

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