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MP Leah Taylor Roy challenges Pierre Poilievre's leadership

We’re growing the middle class while moving forward on reconciliation.


We’ve made Canada a leading destination for companies around the globe, attracting historic investments and bringing major projects to build our EV ecosystem, including battery manufacturing plants, right here to Canada.


That’s tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs across the country. That’s opportunity for our workers. And that’s a vote of confidence in Canada.


While we attract world-class investments from around the world, we’re also building inclusive partnerships here at home.


We’re working with Indigenous partners on our shared vision of conservation, climate action, and economic opportunity.


Pierre Poilievre doesn’t believe in any of this.


  • He wants to cut investments in off-shore wind energy.

  • He wants to cut thousands of jobs for Ontario auto workers.

  • And while Indigenous communities ask for partnership, he just tells them to work harder.


That’s not real leadership. That’s not who we are as Canadians.


As we continue to grow our economy, we’re making sure that growth benefits our workers, Indigenous partners, and the middle class.

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
Jan 18

Hello Leah, I'm not sure I understand how you can say your government is working for the middle class, when your immigration policies are destroying the dream of home ownership of those who aspire to join the middle class or to stay in it. Even when everyone from civil servants to economists to voters are screaming from the rooftops that immigration is too high, your government keeps heading full speed on the wrong path. It's time to stop telling us you're working for us and actually start working for us.

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