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Period poverty

Today, I had the honour to rise in the House of Commons to talk about an important issue that affects women and girls, an issue that is often shrouded in silence and shame: period poverty.

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products and facilities, and menstrual education that prevent women and girls from participating in essential activities – like attending school – having a profound impact on their futures.

In Canada alone, 34% of women and girls have had to give up something else in their budget to afford menstrual products.  

Today, I would like to highlight a champion - Yanique Brandford – founder and executive director of Help a Girl Out.

Her reusable pad program is relieving period poverty. HAGO works with grassroots organizations – such as Compassionate York Region - who sew these reusable pads. our government is supporting amazing young women like Yanique through WAGE programs, combined with community support and fundraisers.

Period shame is a barrier to female prosperity and must be addressed. Thank you Yanique for tackling this global problem responsibly.  We are pleased to be a partner in this fight for menstrual equality.

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