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Keeping communities safe

Updated: Jan 23

Canadians deserve safe communities to grow their families, call home, and build a better future.

That’s why we’re taking action to ensure safer communities now and into the future.

We’re making investments in community organizations through the Security Infrastructure Program. 

We passed Bill C-21, marking the most significant action in a generation to protect Canadians from gun violence. 

And yesterday, we announced a National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft.

The summit, which will take place next month, will bring together federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, as well as industry partners to tackle auto theft across the country. 

It will help bolster resources and ensure a coordinated, comprehensive response to auto theft – from prevention to enforcement. 

Pierre Poilievre mocks mayors and believes in burning bridges with our partners. That’s not real leadership. 

Real leadership is working with partners across the table and making our communities safer — together.

Pierre can create his catchphrases and slogans, we’ll deliver the solutions that Canadians need. 

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