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Breakdown with Leah on Housing!

Here’s what’s coming up:

🛠 Building more homes by cutting red tape with our municipal partners.

🏢 Speeding up apartment construction with low-cost loans.

🏠 Protecting and investing in affordable housing with the Canada Rental Protection Fund.

🔑 Easing the journey for first-time buyers with 30-year mortgages for new homes—lower monthly payments ahead!

📬 Unlocking Public Lands and Canada Post properties to fast-track home building.

📈 Making on-time rent payments boost your credit score, helping you qualify for mortgages more easily.

💰 Raising the Home Buyer’s Plan limit to aid your first home down payment savings.

🚧 Investing in infrastructure to support growing neighborhoods.

📦 Transforming Canada Post properties into future housing developments.

Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown on how these initiatives are paving the way to your home sweet home! 🏡

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
May 14

I don't know Leah. You guys sat on your thumbs for 8 years and watched prices rise and affordability drop. You ramped up immigration, temporary workers and foreign students and now that people are freaking out about housing and rental costs, all of a sudden you seem to have 'discovered' that it's an issue affecting your party's popularity and are going to throw more tax dollars at it. Good luck with that. Here's something from ECO101: if demand outstrips supply, prices will rise. If demand vastly outstrips supply, prices will rise a lot.

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