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Clean-Up Day in Aurora

At the heart of Aurora, there is a spirited community constantly looking for ways to create and maintain a cleaner environment for every resident. Today, Leah Taylor Roy, Member of Parliament, alongside a team of dedicated volunteers, welcomed yet another successful clean-up day in Aurora.

Clean-up Day in Aurora is a day when community members come together with a common purpose - to clean up the city and make it more beautiful. Organized by various community groups, residents get the opportunity to partake in numerous clean-up activities that aim at ridding the city of litter.

Be it as simple as picking up odd bits of paper off the streets or more rigorous tasks like cleaning up parks, every effort counts. This day is not merely about beautifying the surroundings - it's also a chance for people to bond, learn about environmental conservation, and contribute to a healthier planet.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."- Chinese Proverb.

The above quote succinctly captures the spirit behind Aurora's Clean-up Day. It’s a clear call to take active steps in preserving our environment, starting from our own neighbourhoods.

Here's how a typical Clean-Up Day itinerary looks like:

  1. Assembly at a common point - This is usually a park or a community center where all the volunteers meet.

  2. Allocation of tasks - Based on the areas that need cleaning, participants are divided into groups.

  3. Cleaning up the assigned areas - This is where the main action happens. With gloves and trash bags in hand, the participants get to work.

  4. Disposal of the collected trash - After the cleaning session, the collected litters are properly disposed of.

  5. Post-clean-up meet - Often, the day ends with a get-together where volunteers relax, share their experiences, and discuss ways to prevent littering in the future.

s you can see, each year more and more citizens become involved, and together we are making a real impact. If you're considering participating in the next clean-up day, we applaud your initiative. After all, a cleaner city is a happier city.

Please contact the constituency office Leah Taylor Roy. Thank you.

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