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Canada’s climate resilience

This Friday marked a pivotal moment in Canada’s climate resilience efforts. I was profoundly honored to lead the announcement of the completion of our transformative $180.4-million weather radar modernization project alongside Parliamentary Secretary Adam van Koeverden. @avankoeverden

Together, we unveiled a future where Canadians stand stronger against the unpredictable forces of nature.

As we toured the new radar site, we delved into how this technological marvel is set to revolutionize our approach to severe weather forecasting. With 32 advanced radars now spanning coast to coast, we’re not just predicting weather; we’re preparing lives and safeguarding futures. 🌧️➡️🛡️

This initiative is a monumental stride in our National Adaptation Strategy, offering earlier warnings and more accurate forecasts. It’s about bringing peace of mind to 99% of Canadians, knowing they’re within the protective gaze of our radar network. From predicting tornadoes to hurricanes, we’re ensuring that every Canadian has the crucial lead time needed to respond to severe weather threats effectively. 🌀🏠

Reflecting on our journey with Adam van Koeverden and the dedicated team at Environment and Climate Change Canada, it’s clear that this project is more than infrastructure; it’s a promise of resilience, safety, and preparedness. As we stood at the threshold of this new era, the importance of unity, foresight, and action has never been more evident. 🌍💼

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