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Behind the Scenes with MP Leah Taylor Roy

Key insights

  • I can't make decisions based on whether people are going to vote for me or not. I can't do that I because that's like being a business or short-term.

  • It's important to have conversations and listen to people constantly, integrating their perspectives with what is happening in the government and being true to oneself.

  • Despite challenges and criticism, Leah Taylor Roy finds the strength to keep moving forward and serving the community.

  • The national Child Care Program in Canada will allow for $10 a day child care, making it easier for parents to stay in the workforce.

  • The national Child Care Program makes a huge difference in everyday life and contributes to the future of our economy and inclusion.

  • Canada's role as a Global Citizen is to participate in finding solutions to global issues like war, climate change, and the two-state solution in Gaza.

  • If your want and your desire is strong enough and you really feel it's important, find a way, you can find a way.

  • Overcoming challenges and asking for help is not a burden, it's an opportunity for others to help and for personal growth.

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