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45th Anniversary of the Women’s Centre of York Region

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

For 45 years, the Woman's Center of York region has served women and children who are victims of gender based violence. Thank you to Jennifer Gibbs, chair of the board of Directors, and Laura Sobel, executive director who at the helm of this organization, as well as Julie Black songwriter and philanthropist, who sung and spoke so passionately at the 45th anniversary celebration, which I attended with them.

Our government is clear that gender-based violence will not be tolerated. That is why we're working with province's, territories, and indigenous partners to implement a national action plan to and gender-based violence. We propose to invest $540 million over five years. The pro priority is increased support for the most vulnerable indigenous women, girls, and two s lgbtq plus individuals.

We, with other levels of government, can provide leader. Policies and funding, but change happens through the work of these de dedicated community organizations. Thank you, Jennifer Liora and all the staff, board members and volunteers at Women's Center York region for helping women overcome obstacles, heal from trauma, and begin new chapters in their lives.

We will continue to work together to protect all those who suffer due to gender-based violence, and ultimately to eradicate it completely. Thank you,

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