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SO 31: Central York Fire Services

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Mr/Mme Speaker As provinces across Canada continue to battle wildfires, it has never been more important to recognize the vital role firefighters and fire services play in our communities

I am proud to congratulate the entire graduating class of 2023 from the Central York Fire Service whose graduation I attended last week. I want to give a special shout out to Lindsey Hoffman, who was the only woman in her graduating class this year. While all six graduates went through an intense 9-week training program, I know that as a woman, Lindsey overcame even more barriers Thank you Lindsey for being a positive role model for other young women!

Central York Fire Services is the backbone of emergency services in Aurora and Newmarket – and I am particularly grateful to them as their quick and professional response to an emergency at my home saved my husband's life – not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions in 2022 – the last time bringing him back from complete cardiac arrest

To all Canadian firefighters - We will always have your backs as you have ours. It was heartening that Bill C-224, a national strategy on cancers related to PFAS chemicals in firefighters' equipment, introduced by my colleague the Member for Longueil – Charles LeMoyne was passed unanimously.

In closing, thank you to Fire Chief Ian Laing and Deputy Chief Rocco Volpe for their outstanding leadership and hard work which has made Central York Fire Services - one of the best in the country!

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