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Morad Tahbaz

Today I spoke in the House for #Moradtahbaz An Iranian American-British wildlife conservationist and businessman. He was arrested in January 2018. #Moradtahbaz was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Iran for protecting wildlife and conducting legitimate environmental research. He has been jailed for loving his country and caring about Iran’s habitat and nature.

Alongside my fellow York Region Liberal Caucus MPs, I endorse #Moradtahbaz, commit to fighting for his release, sharing his story, and letting the Iranian regime know that we are watching. We will not rest until he is


We, as York Region Liberal Members of the Canadian Parliament, demand the immediate release of #Moradtahbaz, all the political prisoners who participated in the “Woman Life Freedom” Movement in Iran as well as all those who are facing imminent threat of sentencing and execution in Iran’s Prisons.

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