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Leah’s So31 on Autism Awareness Day

Mr. Speaker, April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, an annual opportunity for dedicated conversations about autism spectrum disorder. Autism touches more than 70 million people globally, and in Canada, one in 66 people is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. While each individual with autism is unique, they all face challenges in social communication, behaviour and sensory processing. Despite these challenges, those with autism have much to offer our society.

It is important we continue to strive for inclusion and understanding for those with autism. This means providing access to resources, support and opportunities for those living with autism and to the family members and others who provide support to them. Today, people like Dana and her daughter, Melanie, are here for Autism on the Hill. Melanie spoke today, describing the challenges she faces, but we also saw the unique gifts she has. Melanie did a great job.

My riding of Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill is home to many community organizations that provide support and services for families living with autism, including York Hill Centre for Children, Youth and Families; Kerry's Place Autism Services; and the Children's Treatment Network. I thank them all for the services they provide. I would also like to thank the member who put forward the motion. On this World Autism Day, let us stand together to create a more inclusive and understanding society for those with autism.

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