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Weekly Update: May 18

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hello! Here’s my weekly update! Another very productive week I had both in the riding over the weekend and through the week in Ottawa:

Celebrated Mother’s Day in the riding with #Ukrainian women, #Afghan women and empowering moms and children groups. Our carbon emissions are down! Our price on pollution is working and we are headed in the right direction. Celebrating Asian heritage month. I attended a sound of #Pakistan event to celebrate the beautiful culture through music. I also spoke in the house this week regarding the political situation in Pakistan. Vyshyvanka day! 🇺🇦 The stunning tulips are in bloom at our #tulip festival which I attended with the #Dutch ambassador Bill C-21 updates, ensuring we are working towards safe communities I hope you all have a great long weekend ☀️ #Leahtaylorroymp

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