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Strong women leaders

We know that governments that have strong women leaders at the decision making table invest more in people.  We have just seen the Conservatives – whose caucus has only 17% women and lacks diversity of representation – waste over a million dollars of tax payer money to vote for cut after cut to programs which invest in Canadians.   Our party and caucus stood together to fight for Canadians while the CPC fell apart.   


As one of our strong woman leaders, could you share with us how the cuts that Polievre and his regressive conservatives voted for during their wasteful theatrical performance last week, would have hurt Canadians, our economy, environment and just society and why a Polievre led government would present a great risk, not only to women, but to all Canadians? 

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
16 de dez. de 2023

Hello Leah,

This looks like another 'T-ball' question where you ask a prepared question to one of your party's own ministers, who just happens to have a prepared response on, followed my rapturous applause from the rest of the Liberal caucus. Very sad.

You do, however, raise the subject of strong women leaders at the decision-making table. I think that's interesting, given that your leader, Justin Trudeau, got rid of Jody Wilson- Raybould and Jane Philpott, purely because they were strong women who refused to sacrifice their integrity to political expedience. So, essentially, Justin seems to want strong women who will do whatever he says. In other words, weak women who pretend to be strong. I think we'd all be…

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