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Statement on Petition for Iran Sanctions

Updated: Feb 19, 2023 

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am both honoured and saddened to still be speaking about the tragic situation in Iran. It's been almost six months since Mahdi Amani was killed while in the custody of the Morality Police, and it has been 44 years since this authoritarian government took over in this.

Today, countless women and young people continue to risk their lives protesting the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the regime. Even in the face of threats of execution and imprisonment, the Iranian people continue to show the resilience and solidarity with the ideals of human rights, liberal democracy, and freedom that we in Canada are so privileged to enjoy.

This morning I stood to present a petition signed to, presented to me by Iranian Canadians in my writing, calling on the government to continue to implement the sanctions we have in. On the IRG scene as officials. My thanks to Shelly, Marjan and Lily who spearheaded the petition have been supporting and work tirelessly with the community and me to ensure that this work continues.

I presented these petitions with members from other parties to show that this issue is not a partisan one. I wanna thank my colleagues. The Honorable Conserved member from Elga, Middlesex London, and the Green Party from Stan Gulf Islands, who stood and presented the petitions with me. And I also wanted to acknowledge the support of the NDP, the member from Port Moody Coquitlam, and the blog, the member from Shef, for their support.

Unfortunately, the women were so frightened to sign these petitions that they weren't certified and not all of us could come stand, Mr. Speaker, I just wanna point out to all Iranian Canadians, your government and your elected representatives, all parties stand with you and the Iranian. Zan-Zindagi-Azadi . Thank you.

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