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Canada is a nation of peace.

Mr. Speaker, I have heard from many constituents about their concerns

regarding the recent events in the Middle East. Canada is a nation of peace

and must do everything it can to find a way to end the bombardment of Gaza

and the current conflict and continue to ensure that humanitarian aid

reaches those devastated by the violence.

Innocent Palestinians living in Gaza have the right to the essentials of

life and the right to live in dignity. We support Israel in its drive to

free hostages held by Hamas and to protect itself from further terrorist

attacks within the limits of international and humanitarian law. At home, we

must not entrench ourselves in positions pitted against one another. Reports

of hate crimes, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia hurt us all. This is not the

way to find peace and promote security, not in Israel and Palestine and

certainly not here in Canada.

Peace be with us all. Shalom. Salaam.

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