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One year invasion of Ukraine

One year ago today, Russia launched its cruel and wrong invasion of Ukraine. With no sign of backing down from their fight for peace, democracy and human rights, Canada supports the Ukrainians’ plight.

Since the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion, we’ve remained committed to the Ukrainian plight both abroad and at home by:

  • Being the first country to revoke Russia’s and Belarus’s “Most Favoured Nation” status as trading partners under Canadian law;

  • Imposing sanctions on over 1,500 individuals and entities directly involved or complicit in Putin’s invasion;

  • Launching the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel, which made it easier, faster, and safer for Ukrainians to come to Canada;

  • Processing over 160,000 applications from Ukrainians looking to immigrate;

  • Expanding federal settlement programs, including language training, orientation, and employment assistance;

  • Providing one-time, direct payments of $3,000 dollars per adult and $1,500 per child to help new Ukrainians meet their basic needs after coming to Canada;

  • Launching the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond and disbursing $2.45 billion in loans from its proceeds to Ukraine;

  • Providing $115 million from Russian and Belarus tariff revenues to repair Kyiv’s power grid;

  • Committing over $5 billion in military, humanitarian, and developmental aid. That military aid includes:

  • Providing over 6 million pounds of ammunition, weapons, winter equipment, and more donated by Canada and our allies and partners;

  • Purchasing a National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) and associated munitions from the United States;

  • Training for over 35,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel via Operation UNIFIER;

  • Over $320 million in humanitarian assistance to respond to the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries;

  • $96 million in development assistance funding to Ukraine to address emerging priorities for Ukrainian institutions, organizations and the people of Ukraine.

  • President Putin’s war on Ukraine is an attack on freedom, on democracy, and on the rights of Ukrainians to determine their own future. We call on Russia to cease all hostilities and withdraw their military and proxy forces from Ukraine. We will use all our tools to ensure that Putin’s crimes against the Ukrainian people are not left unpunished.

Canada’s support for the people of Ukraine is clear. We will remain unwavering in our commitment to securing those rights for all Ukrainians.

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