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Weekly Updates: October 13, 2023

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The history and human tragedy unfolding in Israel and Gaza started decades ago. I am very concerned and quite frankly greatly distressed by the situation and wanted to share this brief message with you.

A peaceful solution to this conflict should have been found a long time ago. I am not an expert in this area nor do I profess to understand all of the geopolitical forces at play at this moment.

As a human being and a mother I want to see this conflict end in a fair and just way and for innocents to stop being terrorized and killed.

Please know my thoughts are with both the Palestinian and the Jewish communities involved in this horrific conflict. I have been speaking with members from both communities.

Let us remember we are all Canadians and we must work together to address this crisis and not worsen it by creating conflict here.

Our government has provided an update recently expressing our concerns and providing information - including a call for access to humanitarian assistance for all and the provision of humanitarian support in response to the worsening conditions.

Shalom, Salem, Peace.

To read more on what action our government is taking please follow these links:

Government of Canada provides funding for humanitarian assistance in response to worsening conditions in Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip:

  • Canada unequivocally condemns the brutal terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas against the Israeli people and foreign nationals. The images we have seen over the last six days are absolutely horrifying

  • Canada stands with Israel and fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself in accordance with international law. Canada also calls for the immediate release of those being held hostage and demands that hostages and all civilians be treated humanely in accordance with international law.

  • We are deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Canada calls on all parties to facilitate access for humanitarian assistance to reach those in need, in accordance with international humanitarian law.       

Canada is saddened by the death of humanitarian workers who have been killed in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Civilians and healthcare workers must be protected at all times.


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