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Julie Dzerowicz: The importance of pollution pricing

#DavenportTO, yesterday, I rose to speak on the Canada Carbon Rebate.

The Canada Carbon Rebate will put even more money back into Canadians' pockets than they pay into the carbon pricing system.

Many families rely on these cheques, especially low to middle-income Canadians who benefit the most. Fighting climate change and putting money in your pocket – that’s what the Canada Carbon Rebate is all about.

Our price on pollution is working. For the first time in our history, we’re on track to meet our climate targets — and carbon pricing is a big part of that.

The Conservatives want to ruin your rebate and roll back on climate action: for the last decade, they’ve fought to let big polluters off the hook and put political gain ahead of Canadians – they just don’t care.

We have a climate plan – and it’s working. It’s protecting your children’s future, making life affordable, and fighting climate change.

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