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Gender Equality Week SO31

Madame Speaker I am proud to rise as the MP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill to speak to Gender Equality – a fundamental issue for so many in my riding. Today marks the mid-point of Gender Equality Week.

And in this place, we are just midpoint to gender equality. Over one hundred years have passed since women could run for office, yet we are still only 30% of MPs – but over 50% of the population. As Liberals, women make up over 36% of our caucus. Our policies encourage women to run. We address the barriers they face.

We unequivocally support women’s rights. But the official opposition has less than 18% women in their caucus – a caucus which is certainly not unanimous in its support of gender equality or a woman’s right to choose.

In honour of Monique Begin and other trailblazers like her, we must keep moving forward towards a just and equal society. and not let regressive forces take us back.

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