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Coming together for Peace

This weekend, I joined our community in coming together for peace, a gathering hosted by Karen Dale of the Richmond Hill United Church. I would like to thank Doug Loweth and Marge Andre for organizing this evening. I'd also like to thank Sarah Loretta Schuster of the Turtle Clan for the smudging and traditional hand drumming, pianist Barry Peters and violinist Nadine Bargou for the soulful music, and all the speakers and volunteers who rounded out the evening.

In candlelight, we came together to contemplate our common humanity through music, Greetings and times of silence, we gathered in response to the divisiveness and intense motions in our community surrounding the war ranging between Israel and Hamas. This beautiful evening brought together people of many faiths to focus on peace and have conversation to heal the divisions.

Change in a country begins with one person. We each have the power within ourselves to bring about massive change through immense love. And peace within. Thank you.

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