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Celebrations in June

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


In June 1969, the U.S. Stonewall riots launched the modern LGBTQ2 civil rights movement, which is historically why June also marks the beginning of Pride season. Throughout the summer months, Canadians across our country will hold events that celebrate the strength, spirit and presence of LGBTQ2 people in their communities. Pride events celebrate the movements’ progress, and an acknowledgement of the road ahead. They can include parades and marches, rallies, commemorations, community days, dance parties and festivals.


The month of June and the day of June 10, in particular, have always been a great time of celebration by the Portuguese community. The celebrations honour the life of Luis de Camoes and his famous epic poems, the Lusiads, with cultural performances, history seminars, poem recitals, street parades, and many other activities.


June is Italian Heritage Month. Canada is home to more than 1.5 million Canadians of Italian descent, which makes it one of the largest Italian diasporas in the world. Italian Heritage Month is the perfect time to recognize and showcase the rich culture and heritage of Italian Canadians, as well as their ongoing contributions to building a stronger, vibrant and more inclusive Canada. June 2nd is Festa della Repubblica, Republic Day in Italy, commemorating when Italians voted to abolish the monarchy and form a republic in 1946 after an institutional referendum held by universal suffrage. Italian Canadians celebrate the historic day as well as honour their rich and vibrant cultural traditions.


Filipino Heritage Month inspires pride among Canadian Filipinos – now nearing a million in Canada - and provides them with a dedicated opportunity to share about themselves with fellow Canadians and, thereby, make Canada a better nation.


June marks National Indigenous History Month. In recognition of National Indigenous History Month, we want to dedicate it to the children who were taken away to residential schools and never came home, their families and residential schools Survivors. We invite all who live in Canada to learn more about the ongoing effects of our colonial past and to discover and honour the unique cultures and experiences of First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Canada.

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