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Budget 2024: Fairness for Everyone

  • For too many young Canadians, a good middle class life feels out of reach: it feels like they don’t have a fair chance at doing as well as their parents, or better. 

  • Parents and grandparents are worried too. They feel for their children and grandchildren, who are facing unfair obstacles.

  • This is a pivotal moment and we have a plan to help young Canadians get ahead. We will:

    • Build more housing;

    • Make life more affordable; and

    • Help grow an economy that works for all Canadians.

  • We’re restoring fairness for every generation, especially Millennials and Gen Z – because they deserve a fair shot at a good middle class life.

Day 2: More Affordable Child Care Spaces

Today, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister announced that we’re taking action to build more affordable, high-quality child care for Canadian families – giving our kids the best start in life.


Our plan will create new child care spaces across Canada, especially in rural and remote communities where we need them the most. We’re also helping train early childhood educators and support research in early learning – to make sure our kids get the highest quality of care.


This is about not having to choose between going to work and being able to take care of your kids. It's about fairness for every generation.


Pierre Poilievre called affordable child care a ‘slush fund’. When it comes to your health; your family; and your career – Pierre wants you to be on your own.


Pierre just doesn’t care.


Affordable child care is exactly that – taking care of your kids and making life more affordable.

See the Prime Minister’s news release for more details.

  • Our Canada-wide early learning and child care system has cut fees to $10-a-day in eight provinces and territories, and by half everywhere else. 

  • But not enough families have access to affordable spaces — so we are building more. 

  • Our new child care expansion will deliver over $1 billion in loans and grants to build more child care spaces. 

  • We’re also making sure rural communities get the childcare they need. By forgiving student loans for early childhood educators in rural and remote areas, we’re incentivizing educators to work in those communities. 

  • And we’re increasing training for early childhood educators and supporting more research to improve child care. 

  • By building more child care spaces, and attracting and training more child care workers, we’re making sure more young families can save money with affordable child care.

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
4월 05일

I don’t see any ‘fairness’ in burying future generations in debt to pay for programs we can’t afford now. Like the old saying, ‘when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’, your only tool is a fire hose of money that you borrow and future generations will have to repay.

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