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Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation

  • For too many young Canadians, it feels like you don’t have a fair chance at doing as well as your parents, or better.

  • Hard work isn’t paying off like it did for previous generations; paycheques don’t go as far as costs go up, and saving enough seems harder and harder.

  • That’s why we’re helping every generation, and especially young Canadians get ahead. We are: 

·        Building more housing;

·        Making life more affordable; and

·        Growing an economy that works for all Canadians.

  • We’re putting fairness back in the picture for every generation, especially Millennials and Gen Z – because everyone deserves a fair chance at success.

Day 5: Building more homes, faster

Today, the Prime Minister and Minister Fraser announced steps we’re taking in Budget 2024 to cut red tape, build more homes, and help communities grow.


Here’s what we’re doing:


  • Adding $400 million to the Housing Accelerator Fund – so more towns and cities can cut red tape and build homes you can afford;

  • Launching a $6 billion Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund to create the infrastructure we need to build more homes, faster; and,

  • Encouraging cities to make it easier to build homes where you need them.


We’re building more homes; modernizing our communities; and making the housing market fairer.


Pierre Poilievre doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about affordable housing; or modern communities; or helping your family find a good place to call home.



See the Prime Minister’s news release for more details.

One of the biggest challenges for young people right now is housing – we need to make sure everyone can afford a home. Part of that is about increasing housing supply across the country.

  • Our government is helping communities build the infrastructure needed to build more homes, by investing $6 billion through our new Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund, and topping up the Housing Accelerator Fund with $400 million. 

  • Growing communities need quality infrastructure in order to build more homes, faster – and our government is there to support them with these generational investments.


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