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Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation

  • For too many young Canadians, it feels like you don’t have a fair chance at doing as well as your parents, or better.

  • Hard work isn’t paying off like it did for previous generations; paycheques don’t go as far as costs go up, and saving enough seems harder and harder.

  • That’s why we’re helping every generation, and especially young Canadians get ahead. We are: 

  • Building more housing;

  • Making life more affordable; and

  • Growing an economy that works for all Canadians.

  • We’re putting fairness back in the picture for every generation, especially Millennials and Gen Z – because everyone deserves a fair chance at success.

Day 4: A National School Food Program

Today, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister announced that Budget 2024 will introduce a new National School Food Program and help up to 400,000 more students access school meals.


This is about fairness. When children can’t get enough food, it impacts their health and their opportunities to learn and grow. With these investments, we’re supporting the success of every child – in the classroom, and beyond.


Pierre Poilievre pretends to care about rising food costs. But when it comes to making sure kids are getting the food they need, he says NO.


Just like he did by voting against Bill C-322, the school food private members’ bill from Serge Cormier, at second reading this past December.


Pierre just doesn’t care.


Our kids deserve the best start in life – and we’ll make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


See the Prime Minister’s news release for more details.

  • The Canada Child Benefit has lifted 650,000 kids out of poverty since we took office. 

  • Today, one in four children do not get enough food in Canada. This impacts their health and their opportunities to learn and grow.

  • By investing in a National School Food Program, we are building on our promise to help kids, especially vulnerable kids, in Canada. 

  • This significant investment will help provide meals to about 400,000 kids every year and give parents the peace of mind that their kids are taken care of and never go hungry.

  • This program will help provinces, territories, and Indigenous governments expand their existing school food program and help ensure that children across Canada are fed and happy. 

  • This is about fairness for every generation, from kids, to parents, and the grandparents who also help out.


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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett
03 abr

Sorry, Leah. Your government has made a complete mess of the housing market and refuses to reduce immigration levels until it balances out. So, any new spending/debt-increasing policy that you introduce will do nothing to solve the problem.

Me gusta
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